Sustainable Farming Curriculum by Kelly Steinberg

The industrial agriculture system that dominates food production today is costly for the environment and requires unsustainable amounts of energy.  Few people are aware of the environmental impact of their food, because they are not connected to the land or people that produce it.  Local and organic agriculture is a more sustainable option that also connects people to the sources of their food. The first step towards changing from an industrial agriculture system to a local one is educating people about the impacts of both industrial and organic agriculture, the need for sustainable solutions and how to grow food.  There is a need for educational programs that connect students with their environment and demonstrate the need for sustainable practices to protect people and the environment.  I have created a curriculum to teach students from kindergarten to twelfth grade about the need for sustainable farming and to give them some of the skills needed to start growing food.

Kelly Steinberg SustainableFarmingEd