Student Projects

This is a collection of work from our UNM Sustainability Studies students who have completed or are currently enrolled in our Sust. 499 Capstone class.  In this class students are challenged to incorporate all that they have learned in previous sustainability classes and create a project that spans two semesters.  Capstone projects range from research papers, to organizing events, to working on community engagement projects and so much more.  Hopefully by exploring the vast projects our students have worked tirelessly on you are inspired to dive deeper into your own sustainable ideas and bring them to fruition.

*  Indicates projects that have won awards, a full list of award winners can be found here.

2019 Fall Semester

Environmental Education through Children’s Coloring Books by Keila Gutiérrez

Art in Service of Climate Education by Heather Averhoff


2019 Spring Semester

Building Change on Campus by Joseph Fuller

2018 Spring Semester

The Sound of Sustainability Podcast by Juliet Smith & Gabriela Garcia-Huff *

Age Into Action by Joe Trevino *

Overcoming Perceived Barriers as a Social Experiment by Karina Bencomo

2017 Fall Semester

Sustainability Through Urban Gardening by Colton Newman *

2017 Spring Semester

Lobo R.E.D. Garden Upkeep by Daniel Millis

The “SIGNAL Bundle” by Quinn Palmer

Introducing Sustainability to UNMs School of Architecture and Planning by Christian Reyling

Commercial Composting of Restaurant by Pam Quintana

Albuquerque Asset Map by Kendall Corley

Leading Eco Travel by Delaney Tucker

Cultural Renovation: Rebuilding the Traditions that built Taos Pueblo by Brandon Adriano Ortiz

2016 Spring Semester

Handcrafted Market by Rebekah Bibb

2015 Spring Semester

I Am Abundance: Food, Identity, and Art by Ian Kerstetter

University of New Mexico Sustainability Strategic Plan by Earl W. Shank

Remote Sensing and GIScience for a Flagship Farm at the University of New Mexico by Tammira Taylor

2014 Fall Semester 

A Guide to Pollinators in New Mexico by Mickayla Hodgman

2013 Spring Semester 

Sustainable Farming Curriculum by Kelly Steinberg

Longevity Brewpub, Microbrewery Restaurant Business Plan by Dan Berry *

Disparities between Local and National Scales of Sustainability in the European Union by Lauren Salvato

2011 Fall Semester 

Connecting the Generations of Northern New Mexico: A recipe book of traditional foods of Northern New Mexico by Brittany Amber Herrera

2010 Fall Semester

Greening New Mexico Volleyball by Kelly Williamson

Spatial Analysis of Agriculture in the Albuquerque South Valley by Gaël Whettnall

Alternative Structures and Simple Living in the Desert by Scarlet A. Vinson