Student Awards

SSP Academic Award – Students must have a 3.5 or higher GPA, graduate school acceptance, and a sustainability achievement such as the Carbon Action Plan, Education is Power, etc.

2011-2012: Justin Depoy

2012-2013: Dan Berry

2013-2014: Annie Swift

2014-2015: Amy Adams

2015-2016: Kara Willard

2016-2017: Dana Sharp & Cirrelda Bryan

2017-2018: Joe Trevino & Mary Lopez

Instructors Choice – Instructors give this award in recognition of and/ or to honor students sustainable work on campus.  Classroom traits that are looked for are leadership, collaboration, synergy, community building and positivity.

2011-2012: Keenan Vincent

2012-2013: Michael Hill

2013-2014: Navida Johnson

2014-2015: Melissa Francis & Cameron Townsend

2015-2016: Megan Lovato

2016-2017: Rachel Abeyta

2017-2018: Juliet Smith & Gabriela Garcia-Huff

Sustainability in Action – This award is given out to students who’s projects promote social equality and well being.

2011-2012: Aaron Bridgers

2012-2013: Kendra Crooks

2013-2014: Margo Tucker

2014-2015: Hanna Florence-Livon

2015-2016: Kyle States & Taylor Small

2016-2017: Emmet Yepa & Bridget Lianes

2017-2018: Dominic Gonzalez & Laura Aubert

Chartwells – This award is given to students who’s activities support the development of the New Mexico foodshed.

2011-2012: Amy Jones

2012-2013: Kimberly Barnett

2013-2014: Miranda Pacheco

2014-2015: Tammira Taylor

2015-2016: Sonora Rodriguez

2016-2017: Christina Hoberg

2017-2018: Colton Newman