Remote Sensing and GIScience for a Flagship Farm at the University of New Mexico – Tammira Taylor

This project addresses problems that are present in the dominant food system including energy consumption, pollution, and food access. There is a need for local and organic food options and hands-on experience with the local food system at the University of New Mexico’s main campus. These needs can be met by implementing a sustainable and organic farm on campus. The goal of this project was to provide farm designers with accurate data and information about the proposed campus farm site. A thorough assessment of the proposed farm site was conducted by collecting imagery, elevation, soil, and market data. Existing data sets, data collected using an unmanned aerial system, and in situ data were used. These data were created a series of maps and a geodatabase of spatial data that can be utilized by designers to create informed and appropriate farm designs. These data can also be utilized to demonstrate the feasibility and market potential for a campus farm. Building a campus farm will improve access to local organic food and increase opportunities for hands-on education and experience with the local food system for members of the campus community.

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