Lobo R.E.D. Garden Upkeep- Daniel Millis

Lobo R.E.D. Gardens has gone through a series of advancements since its establishment in spring of 2011(7). In fall of 2010, the first cold frame experiment was utilized, and the first terrace bed was used to establish what is still there today (7).  Although there is a detailed management plan available for the site, it has not been updated past 2013, which shows that there are also areas of inconsistency in management of the site. As UNM course structures are concerned, they are generally in the spring when a heightened garden effort occurs around those times, but leaves other seasons neglected. Areas of opportunity include having a new effort toward all season gardening, as well as better maintenance of the composting areas, and education on its use and application. It has been observed through personal volunteering experience that there could be a better effort in the summer growing season when volunteers are limited, and there could be a better effort throughout the colder seasons with utilization of approved methods such as hoop houses and cold frames. In short, the R.E.D. Garden site has good potential to get to a better state of production, and in doing so could open up opportunities such as student jobs, and a more consistent supply of produce to Chartwells for sale on campus.

Project Goals

            –Make a heightened effort to do winter/early spring gardening at the R.E.D garden               site.

-Repair of existing hoop house beds

-Set up an inexpensive hoop house in one of the existing garden beds.

-Update the composting system, and continue the efforts of permaculture on site.

-Coordination with Lobo Gardens class in the spring semester on student projects.

-Better organization of overall garden task schedules.

-Increase awareness of the garden site on campus and in the neighboring areas.

-Address the inconsistency of tasks in the garden, and move it toward a better                       state of production.

-Improving communication between associated garden interests.