Commercial Composting of Restaurant- Pam Quintana

My capstone project will address the issue of food waste and the detrimental impact it has on

the environment. Commercial composting of restaurant food waste contributes substantially to

reducing our carbon footprint by lowering the amount of toxic methane gas (produced by rotting

food in landfills) that is released into the atmosphere. My immediate goal is to work with the

Albuquerque 2030 District and associated High Five Certification program to inform and educate

at least ten local restaurant owners about the importance of composting their waste, with the

intention that they will agree to partner with our local composting company, Soilutions rather

than continue sending their food waste to the landfill. My long-term goal is for the UNM

Sustainability Studies Program to partner with the Albuquerque 2030 District – students in the

program can take their knowledge about sustainability into the field by educating business

owners about how they can become certified through the High Five Program and be recognized

as forward thinking businesses who care about planet.   Sust Pic 2.jpg