Firewheel Collective: Women’s Cooperative Farm Project- Christina Hoberg



The Firewheel Collective is a cooperative women’s farming project at the Rio Grande Community Farm. The 19 women of the collective are working together to grow healthy food for their families while using organic, sustainable farming methods. Children are also welcome to the farm and have been learning about the garden and experiencing nature. Through this project, we are in search of a supportive community of friends, greater food security, healthy outdoor experiences for our children and agricultural education. We aim to form a cooperative that can be self-sustaining through the activities of the members. In the future, we will also have culinary events, skills workshops and trading of household goods. Check out our blog, or visit the community garden to see what is growing!

The First Growth of the Season: Learning to Begin Again – Javier M Carrasco

My name is Javier M Carrasco and I am doing my Sustainability 499 project on developing a school garden and curriculum which incorporates Sustainability, Environmental Racism, and Colonialism. I am currently in the process of doing this at Kirtland Elementary school, a school situated near Kirtland Air Force Base and right down the road from the International District in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Along with the topics previously stated, my project also seeks to provide a space where students can practice hands-on science and learn about various types of fruits and vegetables my growing them themselves. As a school that serves both low-income and military children, the ultimate goal of my project is to develop critical thinking skills in the youth. This will ultimately result in critical questions being asked about their neighborhoods, their diets, their education, and the multitude of disparities these students are exposed to but may not have the tools to recognize.



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