Art in Service of Climate Education by Heather Averhoff

The goal of this project was to educate the public on the difference between weather and climate. By the end of this semester, I was able to complete the painting and to attach information to the piece, both with the assistance of my fiancée. The process involved sketching out the piece, painting it, and gluing on information attained from the NASA article on the effects of climate change (2019). However, at the end of it, with all of the work done this semester, I was unable to post the piece in time, but that is not to say that the work may never be hung up—or that its digital file may never be posted online for credited use. The other issue was posting the originally-intended information, and the focus of the piece became set on the impacts of current and future climate change. Despite this, the painting of the piece, as well as the application of knowledge on the BlogSnapShot499effects of climate, was overall rewarding, but tedious due to the lack of response from various organizations. The piece itself appears to be an accomplishment of its own. The main issue is finding it a permanent home.

Art has been used throughout history in all different fields to educate the populace on virtually every topic. One of the most important fields to be understood by all people right now is the devastating effects of climate change. This project focuses on the necessity of utilizing art to teach about climate change in a way that engages the viewer’s attention and leads them throughout the piece in search of information. In order to teach about climate change this semester, I created an art piece with a variety of factoids regarding the issue and blew it up large to be posted in a public location, where viewers may witness the piece and learn more about our changing planet. By utilizing a creative, hand-made style of art, the viewer is more likely to be drawn to the piece out of curiosity and, therefore, is more likely to learn about the anthropogenic impacts being wreaked upon Earth.

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