Albuquerque Asset Map- Kendall Corley

The Asset map project in the International District of Albuquerque is a capstone project that has been modified, grown, minimized and even changed. As the map began, the assets changed. In my mind the assets originally were that of the people, like trades or certain skills the community could offer from the International district to the International District. After discussions with professor Shaughnessy the definitions of assets changed, the assets turned into sustainable assets that were not going to be out of the region or diminish anytime soon. Much like the assets the map eventually changed, the map now covers just the TrumBull quarter of the region. Originally, I was only going to do a ½ mile radius around the Zuni street, an area that I spend much of my time. But after talking it over with my mentor, we decided the asset map would help the community most if it was split in quarterly sections. Partly for future students who would like to finish one of the other three quarters, and in part because the smaller the region the more we could extend the map. Not that we couldn’t extend it well in the whole region, but really in part that we could market it better in a smaller region. The idea that we must get better before we get bigger played a part in this thinking. I feel there is a reason that the current asset map is so unavailable, it lacks the “better” that I mentioned, and now I am hoping that my map takes a small step towards better. I will present the map later this month at the Cesar Chavez Community Center in hopes that the map resides and sustains and is tangible in the community.