A Guide to Pollinators in New Mexico -Mickayla Hodgman

To the untrained eye, a bee flying from flower to flower may appear to be the simple act of an insect foraging for food. It is easy to label the bee as a stinging bug and discredit it’s agricultural significance. Similarly, one may observe a hummingbird or a bat drinking nectar from a flower and not realize the ecosystem services they provide. A migrating butterfly does not explain that her habitat is under siege, from fragmentation and development. In fact, many people are not aware of the momentousness of pollinator species and the growing anthropogenic causes of their decline. Even so, individuals that are aware of the current situation may be overwhelmed by the wealth of information available and may not understand their own role and how they can help pollinators. Although my vision for my project was sometimes unclear, I believe the pamphlet I created in collaboration with a coworker, humbly named A Guide to Pollinators in New Mexico, can remedy this issue. By sorting through and making sense of the information available on the Internet, compiling it into a concise form specific to the growing conditions of the state, accompanying the information with helpful tips, and distributing the information to local businesses and organizations, I believe this pamphlet can help alleviate the disconnect between humans and their environment as serve as an aid to the pollinators that we depend on.

Check out the final report and pamphlet.