Growing Roots: Gardening with the Barrett House a Campus for Unsheltered Communities- Natalia Tritica

In my Capstone 499 project I am working with the Barrett House, a transitional housing shelter for women and children.  The focus of my project is to help in rebuilding their community garden which has fallen into disarray due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  As part of this project, I have organized and met with the Barrett House administration regarding the garden intention and raised money to buy the necessary garden materials such as plant starts, seeds, soil, tools, and other supplies to support the garden. Each week during the Spring 2021 semester, I have worked to improve the health of the soil and have begun to plant the garden beds. Another part of this project is working with the Barrett House administration for continuity of the garden area for future growing seasons.  The main purpose of the garden at the Barrett House is to provide a sanctuary space for residents and to provide fresh and nourishing food that the kitchen can use in meals.  A metaphor for this project is how gardens are composed of plants that are often started from seed and transplanted to places where they can develop roots that make them strong and sustain them to grow and thrive.   

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