Earthrise Collective- Marco Roybal

Earthrise Collective was conceived, out of the need I see for change in the farming and food production system and to help veterans connect with the earth and begin healing themselves by reclaiming and using ancestral knowledge of farming and land management. Building healthy soil is the best way to trap and keep carbon from accumulating in the atmosphere. It wasn’t until humans figured out how to till the land and add synthetic fertilizers to soil that we started to see an increase in the amount of co2 being released into the atmosphere. This released carbon collects in the upper atmosphere and increases the greenhouse effect on our planet. This has extremely detrimental effects such as global warming and climate change which results in the melting of ice sheets, sea rise, extreme weather patterns and global disasters that threaten the livelihood of all life on the earth. Earthrise Collective strives to locate a plot of farmland that has sat unused for years and restore it to a healthy productive farm capable of producing food that can support the farmers and help to sequester carbon from the atmosphere. We must strive to maintain the environment and keep the earth in a desirable Holocene state, by doing so we take into consideration adopting and enacting planetary boundaries, ways in which we operate within a framework that is safe and healthy for human development and economic growth while respecting the earth and the systems associated with earths biophysical processes and limits. In doing so we can maintain the health and welfare of humans while improving the health of our environment and the earth.

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