Consumption or Consciousness- Eliana Roberts

My capstone project consists of analyzing the connection between mindfulness and how it has the power to instill beliefs of abundance and gratitude. In contrast, a lack of mindfulness has been studied to lead to overconsumption, to trying to fill a void through material items. Mindfulness is a quality I have personally had to develop as I explored methods to deal with anxiety and the tendencies of over-thinking. As I explored this quality and its benefits through practice, I found a change in perspective, a care for larger issues happening within the world, such as our climate crisis and things greater than us. My research focuses on multiple scholars and their studies on mindfulness, including the benefits and the implication for mindfulness in the real world. I am theorizing that the practice of mindfulness creates a domino effect. It reduces consumption, therefore enacts changes to one’s frame of mind, values, and feelings of abundance. In conjunction with my research, Professor Bruce Milne and I have also created an online mindfulness tour around the Rio Grande Community farms. This tour aims at connecting people to nature while exploring and embracing their whole being.

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