Repurpose on Purpose- Destiny Conkle

Single-use items make their way to landfills every second of everyday. In the year 2017, about 267.8 million tons of municipal waste is produced per person per day in the United States. In addition, solid waste landfills serve as the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions within the United States. These methane emissions is one of many gases that contributes to a global climate change. How could we prevent the growing of our world’s landfills? This video provides one simple solution to this issue by promoting the repurposing of commonly wasted items to extend their lives and prevent landfill growth. Filled with simple step-by-step tutorials and ideas, this video aims to inspire the cyclical reuse of household items. From coke cans to water bottle lids, many items in the trash can serve another useful purpose within the home. I take you along my journey of discovering the different ways in which the people in our world are repurposing a variety of items and making changes that impact waste production.


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