Old Town Recycling- Willem Cushman

My project is a community outreach project centered around the historic Old Town and the need for recycling resources in this area. As many know, Old Town is one of the main Picture1tourist attractions in the city, bringing in thousands of tourists a year. What many people don’t think about is the wastefulness that is associated with this historic landmark. A combination of high levels of visitation along with a complete lack of recycling receptacles means that Old Town generates high levels of recyclable waste. Proper recycling bins, for visitors as well as businesses, are needed to curb this problem. Ideally, I would have liked to address both a lack of recycling for visitors as well as the lack of recycling for businesses, but I found one avenue was more productive than the other and decided to focus on that. I discovered that there was a high level of community interest in recycling for businesses, that only needed slight cultivation to see changes. A productive dialogue with the Old Town community as a whole has allowed for the chance at a more sustainable future for such a special place.

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