GreenCan- Josh Parks

For my Sustainability Studies Capstone Project, I set out to create, install, and establish the necessary framework for managing a receptacle specially designed to handle Satellite Coffee’s compostable cups. This outcome was not actualized this semester, but I did make some great connections along the way and shifted the Overton Window in the Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 8.44.30 PMright direction, if only incrementally.
By a twist of fate and some healthy encouragement by Program Director Bruce Milne, I found myself partnered with Mechanical Engineering PhD student, Abu Bakar Siddique. Together, we began fleshing out the groundwork for a startup company focused on building and selling GreenCan, solar-powered smart receptacles, and recorded a business pitch which we submitted in Lobo Rainforest’s Virtual Student Pitch Competition. The winners of this competition will receive a cash prize from a pool of $5000; fingers crossed!

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