Finding Your Place in Sustainability- Coleman Piburn

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 8.08.04 PM

Sustainability is one of the quickest evolving job markets out there, meaning it is possible that the job you have spent four years working to prepare yourself for may be obsolete by the time you graduate; similarly the abundance of, and lack of clarity around “green jobs” can render it challenging to select a job or post college trajectory that lines up with your values and interests as an individual motivated by sustainability. For my project titled “Finding Your Place In Sustainability”, I elected to tackle this problem by creating a website to provide future sustainability students with a succinct compilation of relevant and up to date green jobs available and desired in the job market of today. If done correctly this project will serve as a resource to help inform the selection of a capstone project that best aligns with personal passions and inspiration, while concurrently helping students in connecting their project’s theme to similarly inspired career paths, an element that I hope will assist them in the often daunting job hunting process.

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