Sustainability Capstone ‘Snapshot’ – Justin Kerstetter

The basis of environmental communication studies can be explained by one simple question; “what is nature?” is it trees and streams and oceans? Is it open space or national parks? Any person studying environmental communication would know that nature is everything; while forests and mountains are certainly part of nature, so are cities, landfills, and especially people—there is no divide. This separation that most ArtShowCapstonepeople create in their mind is reproduce in many ways by society, so it can be difficult to grasp. However, art can express much more than words, and can be a constructive way to enact change, or even to get someone thinking. That’s why I set up “Nature is Everything”–a pop-up photography show where the goal was to tackle the narrative of what ‘nature’ means and get people thinking about the nature that surrounds them.

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