Improved Quality of life:: Meditative Atmosphere + Medicinal Plants Kathrine – Schanwald Faul

Diminished levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia among college students is ideal for academic/lifelong professional success. According to a survey of 190 universities, 61% of students reported having anxiety, 49% suffer from depression, and 45% claim they are stressed out (CCMH 2016). Sleep disorders are now recognized as a public health concern with significant consequences on the academic life of students (Choueiry, Nour et al. 2016). Busy schedules, skepticism about meditation and plants with medicinal qualities, and a lack of meditation/relaxation areas on college campuses, Capstone 499 Projectfurther advances these issues.

Practicing meditation has been proven to affectively decrease stress levels. In addition, plants with medicinal qualities such as valerian, skullcap, peppermint, and lavender offer the same relief. The yurt acts as a meditative atmosphere where individuals may go to sit and quietly meditate, study, read, smell the aroma of depression and stress fighting lavender, and/or pick up a tea bag of anxiety- soothing valerian. Combining medicinal plants, suggestions and tips on meditation types, and a relaxing environment results in an easily transportable installation designed to improve quality of life.

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