Edible Plants of Albuquerque & Beyond – Allison Merrell

Knowledge of the plants that surround us and their uses has been passed down for centuries, and this project sought to make this information more accessible through free zines and plant identification walks. Knowledge of forgeable wild plants and their uses is very much a food justice issue. Food justice and food sovereignty movements critique the structural inequalities that play into the unequal distribution of resources among people, and through this project I hope to stimulate these conversations with my community members and create space for the inclusion of foraging in this dialogue. The zine 6FF3A199-691F-4705-9EBC-FAC38C222734includes monthly in-season wild edible plants, how to identify them, where to find them, and how to prepare them with other local seasonal ingredients into delicious vegan recipes. I focused on both the inclusion of local fresh produce and the exclusion of animal products in my monthly recipes to try to create a collection of recipes tied together by their sustainable nature and to paint the fullest picture of what what one of many options for a unconventional sustainable diet can look like. A parallel to conversations about food justice is the discussion of the disproportionate amount of resources required to support an omnivorous diet as opposed to one free from animal products. While some education on vegan and vegetarian diets was included in the zine, I believe the silent exclusion of animal products from my recipes speaks to the ease of reducing meat and dairy in one’s own diet on any scale.

Check out the full recipe book.

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