Building Change on Campus – JosephFuller

Building Change on Campus: A Comprehensive Plan for Climate Action and Resilience at the University of New Mexico is a compilation of university analysis, recommendations, and useful modeling to be considered for both Climate Action and developing resilience on UNM’s main campus. The document compares elements of the 2009 UNM Climate Action Plan to current standings of the University, updating previous strategies as well as adding new. Discussion of UNM’s current vulnerabilities to impacts from climate change and potential strategies to mitigate such vulnerabilities will be discussed in the plan.
The life of this document will evolve as time goes on. A “Toolkit” will accompany the document electronically and be made accessible to future generations of sustainability students. The “Toolkit” will contain a brief overview of the work done by the person passing it along as well as all the information and research compiled. The “Toolkit” itself will exist as a shared document.
Check out Joseph’s 499 Capstone Project Proposal and his finished 499 Capstone Project Building Change on Campus.